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Welcome to ABS environmental pellet manufacturers, ABS recycled materials manufacturers, ABS plastic pellet manufacturers-13013500100 Linyi Hengshang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

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Dongxin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. strives for survival, reputation and development


Production research and development focus on ABS recycled particles

The company is located in Linyi, a well-known logistics capital in the country

Specializing in the production of various colors and grades of engineering ABS recycled particles.

Strong technology and advanced equipment

The company has many professional and technical personnel

Introduce multiple advanced equipment and production lines from home and abroad to ensure product quality


ABS recycled particles have many advantages

It has good molding processability , high surface finish, good coating and dyeing properties, and can be electroplated into a variety of colors.

The specific heat capacity is low , the solidification is faster in the mold, the molding cycle is short, the size of the product is stable, and the surface is shiny. ABS has good thermal stability and is not prone to thermal degradation.

Professional after-sales service

Factory direct sales, fast delivery, arrange for you the first time

Perfect after-sales service system, professional and efficient customer service staff, to ensure 7 * 24 hours online <br> to answer your questions at any time


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About Dongxin Into Paterson

ABOUT US ABS environmental pellet manufacturer, ABS recycled material manufacturer, ABS plastic pellet manufacturer-13013500100 Linyi Hengshang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Linyi Dongxin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ABS environmentally friendly pellets. Our company is located in Linyi City, the logistics capital of China. Our company has been engaged in the production and development of ABS recycled granules for many years. The main products are engineering ABS recycled granules of various colors and grades. At the same time, we can also process and customize according to customer needs. As a professional ABS recycled granule company, we always adhere to the service concept of quality first and reasonable price, so that more customers and consumers can get more preferential and practical products. It is our unremitting pursuit to satisfy our customers. Dongxin Plastic Industry is willing to develop together with all new and old customers and make progress together. ... View details
About Dongxin

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备案号: ABS environmental pellet manufacturer, ABS recycled material manufacturer, ABS plastic pellet manufacturer-13013500100 Linyi Hengshang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. 公司地址: 临沂市兰山区 网络合作伙伴:恒商网络 Phone: 13013500100 Contact: Manager Tang Company Address: Lanshan District, Linyi City Network Partner: Hengshang Network

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